A delicious result for local smokehouse entrepreneur


Creator of such delights as the ‘Yorkshire Pudding Pot Pie Pizza’ and the ‘Yorkshire Pudding Sunday Roast Burrito’, which have built up a huge viral following on social media.

Not to mention a string of restaurants across the UK, in Nottingham, Birmingham and Newcastle, in addition to recent appearances on TV programmes such Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

You could say that Jason Rowe – who also owns Beverley’s Rebels’ Smokehouse – is a successful businessman and, we had the privilege of supporting him in his rapid journey towards the foodie big time.

It all started more locally, with Jason’s Beverley-based Rebels’ Smokehouse venture. He got in touch and asked us to represent him in a dispute with his former business partner. They’d stopped seeing eye-to-eye and we helped Jason take full ownership of the business through a process that included fighting his corner in Court.

A textbook example

We’re not going to go into the technicalities of the case as, clearly, those are quite sensitive. However, the way Jason handled it – or, more accurately, the way Jason allowed us to handle it on his behalf – should be an inspiration to anyone in business.

Firstly, although all disputes are by their nature very emotional, he managed to rise above that, stay calm and see the bigger picture.

Then, he took our advice.

Most important of all, he invested his trust in us to complete the work of interpreting and acting on the letter of the law, and forming a strategy and argument to secure him a successful outcome.

This meant that he could get on with his most important job – running and developing his business.

“All disputes are very emotional by nature, but he managed to rise above that, stay calm and see the bigger picture,” said Simon Young, our commercial solicitor and litigation specialist.

“As Jason appreciated that as a great businessman, he must concentrate on his core business and that the legal matters were best dealt with by us lawyers.”

Simon added: “He could not have achieved that if he’d let himself become too embroiled in the argument, or let his personal feelings and grudges take hold.”

In a recent blog, Simon described the importance of keeping a cool head when it comes to business disputes, and Jason is a perfect example of a business owner doing exactly that and turning things to his advantage.

Jason is Managing Director of Rub, alongside business partners Luke Billingham and Sean Singer.

The trio have been together since Rebels’ Smokehouse days, to deliver on what they describe on their website as ‘a passion for food, drink and creating a party atmosphere’. They are committed to producing ‘#EpicFood and entertainment’.

Rub is a BBQ restaurant inspired by southern American food. They source their meat from trusted local butchers and smoke it all themselves in their own smokers, ‘Hank and Marvin’, after marinating it in their own secret rubs spices blend.

Jason has been working with food for over a decade, starting out with his own event catering company, followed by the highly rated fine dining food concept in Beverley called Dine on the Rowe, and then the smokehouse. He also runs his own Anlaby-based brownie business, called Brownie Heaven.

Jason said: “I can’t thank Simon enough for all of his personal and professional help throughout this matter. Simon worked tirelessly on my behalf, and his dedication, knowledge of the law and commitment to staying one step ahead on my case not only achieved a great outcome for me in my business dispute, but helped me focus on pushing my business forward.

“I had such absolute faith in him, I could hand the matter over to him and know that it would be dealt with to the highest professional standards. As a result, beyond the legal result itself, he and James Legal gave me the platform I needed to see the bigger picture and achieve greater success with my business than I’d ever imagined.”

If you’re in danger of falling out with someone in business, why not get in touch with Simon and the team for a free, no obligation initial chat? We’ll give you an honest appraisal of your best options, for your business now – and its future potential – info@jameslegal.co.uk or (01482) 225566.

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