Ash shows his true metal


Whoever said lawyers were a dull breed (if indeed anyone ever did say that…) had clearly never met the James Legal team!

We possess an embarrassment of riches when it comes to artistic talent, with a multitude of creative musicians among our ranks. Three colleagues

form part of local band the Elusive Mandarins, and last year they gained press attention thanks to their efforts to raise funds for Yorkshire Cancer

Research with a charity CD.

Now it’s the turn of another James Legal lawyer, Ashley Mather, to take the spotlight as his band The Escape Artist have racked up more than 30,000 streams of their newly released single on Spotify, a leading digital music service.

Dreaming about the big time

Ashley, 27, sings lead vocals in the band from Hull, which features guitarists Simon Moss and Ethan Tomlinson, Elliot Dawson on bass guitar and drummer Luke Swann. The guys had all been in different bands previously and hooked up via the local music scene.

The band’s new single ‘Daydreaming’ was released in mid-May. They recorded it at a studio in Reading and produced a video in Liverpool before launching it online. Ashley said: “A YouTuber called Truant who has a lot of followers reacted to our video on YouTube and things really took off from there.

“We noticed the Spotify hits going up and up, and realised how much attention it had got when we were invited to support Temples on Mars on their UK tour. We’ll be covering seven venues across the south and north of England in September, which is fantastic.”

Touring with an established band is a major boost for The Escape Artist’s profile and exposure, and Ashley hopes it will be the start of many such tours. “This is our first taste of success,” he said, “but the dream is to do more high profile tours, release an album, and maybe go to America. There’s a lot more to do, this is really just a small-scale success but it’s something we can build on.”

Sad songs hit a chord

So why has this particular song chimed with music fans? Ashley explained: “Well it’s perhaps more radio-friendly than our previous tracks, plus we really stepped up the production quality by going to a top production studio. It’s a bit of a melancholy tune really about not wasting your life but people seem to like it!”

The band call their sound ambient/melodic hardcore and cite influences such as late 80s shoegaze and early 90s grunge, as well as modern hardcore. All five members of the band contribute to songwriting.

“It’s hard work, we all have day jobs and we have to fit in plenty of band practice too, but it’s our passion and it’s worth it,” added Ashley.

If you’d like to see The Escape Artist live, you can catch them at the annual Humber Street Sesh on August 4, when they’ll be performing on the Rock Stage.

Visit YouTube to watch the Daydreaming video or Spotify to listen to the track.

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