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Then our next and final James Legal InspiringBusiness2019 seminar is for you.

We’ll be concluding our 2019 series – part of our campaign to support SMEs across the region – with the fourth of this year’s free events on November 7.

Taking place once again at the Hallmark Hotel in North Ferriby, it will feature two speakers who promise to stop you in your tracks, plus the chance to network with more amazing local businesspeople and enter our fantastic competition to win business support worth over £20,000.

This time our keynote speakers are Gareth Riddy, author of How To Undo The Shit The Modern World Does To Us, and Lee Solway, Director of Hull-born logistics giant Harrison Solway.

Once again, in line with our wellbeing theme for this year, both speakers have reason to understand the value of looking after your mental and physical health, and will be sharing their personal insights with our audience.

Keeping ‘out of trouble’

Gareth Riddy works every day with people suffering the effects of our ‘more is better world where we’re encouraged to constantly grind’ – movement problems, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and chronic pain. He believes these issues stem from becoming disconnected from our true human selves by succumbing to a work, work, work culture that makes no allowances for the vital elements of rest and play. As a result, he believes we’ve become ‘like aliens on our own planet’ and need to learn to take time out, listen to our bodies and reconnect with ourselves and our environment to keep ourselves ‘out of trouble’.

Gareth is a neurological expert, movement specialist, trainer of world champion kickboxers and therapist – delivering it all with a strong sense of humour and equally strong language.

And this ‘sage’, who describes himself as ‘quite a large man with self-confessed, addictive behaviour…’ has reason to know. Some ‘near-death experiences and a brush with cancer’ – not to mention serious asthma, stints of drug addiction and homelessness, and an early career as a nightclub doorman – have taught him a thing or two about life. So much so that he was inspired to write his book and set up his own wellbeing coaching business, dedicated to helping people overcome what he sees as the dangers of modern life.

You shouldn’t miss hearing from this man who is ‘a bit of a potty mouth’ (please be prepared!) but with love in his heart’ – it will almost certainly be a life-changing experience!

Learning the hard way

Lee Solway has experienced some of what Gareth will be talking about, firsthand. Lee has worked hard – in fact, too hard – to help turn a previously failing Hull-based logistics business into a successful national force. Having taken over the firm they used to work for as employees when it was in receivership in 2000, along with fellow director Paul Harrison and wife and finance director Kerry, they have turned it into a multi-million-pound business with a range of heavyweight national clients including retail stores, supermarkets and a major UK modular building firm.

But all of this has come at a cost as, of late, Lee has suffered from a series of possibly stress-related health problems, the most serious of which was a brain haemorrhage two years ago.

Marking the two-year anniversary of that experience, he reflects on how it has made him take stock of his lifestyle and priorities, including family.

To hear more from Gareth and Lee, book your free seat at the November 7 seminar via Eventbrite. The event begins at 10am at the Hallmark Hotel, Ferriby High Road, North Ferriby, HU14 3LG.

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