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The James Legal InspiringBusiness2019 campaign to support SMEs across the region continues apace with the third of a quarterly series of scintillating seminars.

On September 11, delegates will gather at the Hallmark Hotel in North Ferriby to network, hear from two more amazing local business people, and perhaps enter our fantastic competition to win business support worth over £20,000.

This time our keynote speakers are IT guru (and occasional mountaineer!) Leon McQuade, and Moodbeam co-inventor Christina Colmer McHugh.

Both Leon and Christina have a strong understanding of the importance of mental health and wellbeing, both in a personal and business context, which gels perfectly with the overall wellbeing theme of our InspiringBusiness2019 campaign.

Focusing on the things that really matter

Leon McQuade, a trustee of Hull charity Andy’s Man Club and co-founder of pioneering IT company Think Cloud, based at The Deep Business Centre in the city centre, will be sharing his journey to success and the life lessons he’s learned along the way.

He will touch on a series of ‘epiphanies’ he’s experienced throughout his career, including a pivotal moment during a group expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro that led to him reviewing his life goals.

A strong father-son relationship, a swift series of house and school moves as a child, and a brush with the law in early adulthood that provided a major wake-up call, have all had a huge impact on Leon’s personal and business development. He’ll be opening up to his audience about all of the different elements that have shaped him as a businessman, father and friend.

Fuelled by passion

A BBC-trained journalist whose services as a writer and editor were in demand from a diverse range of organisations, including news providers, politicians and prominent businesses, Christina Colmer McHugh left her profession three years ago to focus on a project fuelled by a very personal passion – the pioneering Moodbeam wearable device.

Inspired by her young daughter’s experience of a tough situation at school, Christina changed direction altogether to invent a product to help people of all ages communicate about their wellbeing using simple technology. Working together with a well-known Hull-based entrepreneur, Jonathan Elvidge, the Moodbeam was born and is now coming to market. Christina will be revealing the highs and lows of her exciting journey and her hopes for Moodbeam’s future, as well as her collaboration with James Legal as one of the first Moodbeam pioneers!

To hear more from Leon and Christina, book your free seat at the September 11 seminar here. The event begins at 10am at the Hallmark Hotel, Ferriby High Road, North Ferriby, HU14 3LG.

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