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When Catherine Norrie decided to take a huge leap of faith and buy out a company, she knew she wanted to do it as safely and securely as possible.

Catherine had been working as a manager for a few years at the long-established and well-regarded Andrews Car and Van Hire business, based in Beck View Road, Beverley, when the owner decided to sell it and concentrate on his sister business, Andrews of Beverley Ltd garage services.

“I originally worked in a school,” said Catherine, “then made a few big life changes, which included finishing my degree then going to work at Andrews on a voluntary basis. This then became a full-time paid job, leading to me managing both the motor engineers and the hire side of the business.

“Last year, the owner Ian decided to sell the hire side, and I just thought what a fantastic opportunity to run my own business, why not give it a go?”

Although Catherine was willing to head into unknown, yet very exciting, territory as a managing director of her own company, she openly describes herself as a ‘novice’ when it comes to all the legalities around making such a purchase and she, very sensibly, wasn’t prepared to take any unnecessary risks.

“Ian and I had both previously dealt with James Legal and I really liked the way they worked, so I asked them to help me with all the legal procedures around the buyout,” she said. “I wanted everything to be watertight.”

Keeping things simple

Some people might well find all the legal jargon and paperwork associated with business dealings a little bit intimidating, but here at James Legal we aim to keep things as simple as possible. Catherine added: “The James Legal team were brilliant. They worked with me through the whole process, explaining things every step of the way and making sure I understood everything. I never once felt daft! They were incredibly professional and trustworthy, and I could contact them at any time.

“I really can’t sing their praises enough. I’m always recommending James Legal to other people and would definitely choose them again if I need any more legal help in the future.”

Loving the challenge

Being your own boss with all the responsibilities that entails might feel a bit scary at times but it’s a challenge Catherine has risen to. She said: “It was a major move for me to make but I am so glad I did as I am loving every second! I work seven days a week and I’m so busy, but I love the challenge of making my own income. Getting up early every day is the hardest part!”

Andrews Car and Van Hire operates seven days a week, hiring out a range of cars and vans up to three-and-a-half tonnes. Vehicles can be hired from just a half-day mid-week up to a full month. “Our hire rates are really cost-effective and we also offer one-day hire at weekends, which is unusual as most hire companies only offer two-day hire at weekends,” explained Catherine. “We are open on Sundays so customers can pick up or drop off then too, which is often much more convenient for a lot of people than having to come on a weekday.”

Catherine says she prides herself on giving customers a professional and personal service, tailored to their needs. “We always try to be as accommodating as possible and work to our customers’ requirements. If anyone is considering hiring a vehicle, we’d tell them ‘if you’re not sure what exactly you need, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help’,” she added. Looking at all the glowing customer feedback on the company’s Facebook page and website, she’s certainly achieving those objectives.

Talk to our friendly James Legal team today about how we can support you and your business, email or ring (01482) 225566.

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