From Boothferry to Wembley in 12 rounds


Hull-born entrepreneur Alex Hall knows all about dragging yourself up by your bootstraps. The CEO of Halltech Group UK and visionary leader of scaffolding company Bambu was once a young tearaway with fire in his belly living in a pub on the Boothferry Estate and then the Boulevard, and he will be speaking to delegates at our second InspiringBusiness2018 seminar on June 14.

“During my teens I was always in the thick of it, right where all the dramas were happening,” said Alex. “One of these dramas became a pivotal moment in my life – when I was 17 I managed to get arrested live on TV at a Hull FC match. I was just dancing on the pitch and didn’t actually do anything but ended up at the centre of a kerfuffle. As a result, everyone was wanting to wash their hands of me and I felt so ashamed.

“Until that point I was always getting into trouble, but that incident marked the last time that I did. It effectively sorted out my head. That match was the semi-final of the Challenge Cup against Leeds, and they beat us. Last year, Hull FC played Leeds in the semis and won and Bambu was the main sponsor, which shows just how much things have changed!”

Boxing clever

One of the savviest moves Alex has made was his decision to join a boxing club at the tender age of 15 when he was very much a ‘bit of a handful’ as he describes it. “I remember someone ripping me off and I was full of anger and wanted to beat him up, but he was bigger than me so I thought I’d best learn how to fight,” he said.

But rather than turning this ball of energy into a scrappy streetfighter, his experience under the tutorage of esteemed boxing coach Mike Bromby at Hull’s St Paul’s Boxing Academy taught him to channel his emotions into something much more positive, ingraining important principles that will stay with him for life.

Alex said: “I’ll be explaining to people at the seminar how the rules of boxing that I learned at St Paul’s can be applied successfully to business. One example is rule number one – proximity is power. This means if you surround yourself with the right kind of people you are more likely to achieve your goals. In a way, that is what the attendees will be doing just by being at the seminar so that’s a good start.”

Onwards and upwards

An electrical engineer by trade, Alex set up his Halltech contracting business at the age of 21. Over the past 15 years it evolved and diversified thanks to his drive and vision, covering various aspects of construction including electrics, plumbing, wall insulation and more recently scaffolding.

Bambu, Alex’s scaffolding enterprise, is going from strength to strength with its strong focus on high quality service as well as charitable work and community support. “At first people probably wondered what an electrician was doing getting into scaffolding, but I’ve experienced many different trades across the construction industry and have learned a lot,” Alex explained. “I could see there was an opportunity for a highly professional scaffolding service that was well marketed. It made commercial sense to me.”

Alex clearly has a knack for making sound commercial decisions, and along with our other speaker David Keel, he will be sharing more words of wisdom at the latest of the James Legal ‘Inspiration Series’ of business seminars, titled ‘Don’t let digital eat you for lunch!

This second of our quarterly events will take place on Thursday June 14 at the Hallmark Hotel, North Ferriby, from 10am to 2pm. Book your FREE place on the seminar here.

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