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James Legal – The Business 2017 Masterclass III

She’s an internationally renowned clinical hypnotherapist.

She rose to fame seven years ago after helping a Hull woman recover from her hiccupping habit, resulted in her first press story in the Hull Daily Mail.

Her pioneering, trademark ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ programme then generated her national  and international awareness, helping people to shed huge amounts of weight and improve their health, all through the power of their minds.

She has also turned sharing her positive business-building experiences into a phenomenally successful global business. She teaches 2,500 other clinical hypnotherapists, in nine countries globally, how to turn their practices into business successes, using her tried and tested methods.

And she has just franchised her brand, enabling other, carefully selected practitioners, to deliver therapist business training around the world using her model. This has seen her already-successful business grow by a further 20 per cent in just the past six months.

This year so far has seen her visiting New Zealand, Australia, Romania and the US,  speaking at international conferences and other events about her ingredients of success.

Have you guessed who it is yet?

Well, just in case you haven’t, we’re referring to Sheila Granger. And the reason we’re writing about this phenomenally successful Hull export today, is that she’s kindly agreed to headline our next James Legal – The Business 2017 masterclass.

Sheila will be talking all about positive mindset for businesses at our next event, which will be taking place at the Hallmark Hotel, Hessle, on Wednesday 27 September from 9.30 until noon.

And, given that she will also be launching her first book – Go the Hull Way – around that time, our audience members will also have a privileged early insight into the inspirational interviews and insights it contains.

Go the Hull Way was inspired by Hull, UK City of Culture 2017, and saw Sheila interviewing well-known faces from the area, from ‘Gadget Man’ Jonathan Elvidge to construction entrepreneur Paul Sewell, Britain’s Got Talent singer Calum Scott and professional boxer Tommy Coyle, about their ingredients for success.

As well as helping people overcome their phobias and recover their svelte selves, Sheila does a lot of work with business owners – both fellow hypnotherapists and others – helping them to picture what success looks like and then achieve it.

She said: “The main issue I find, particularly with people who own and run small-to-medium sized businesses, is keeping them focused on their longer term goals, as opposed to getting distracted off track by the next ‘shiny penny’.

“It is a trait of entrepreneurs that they are full of ideas and creativity, and want to explore new avenues all the time, but if that’s not channelled appropriately, it can also be their downfall because they then suffer from overwhelm, which can not only jeopardise their success but also their personal wellbeing.”

She added: “Common issues SMEs face include getting to grips with sales, marketing, accounts and employing the right people to help them. There’s an awful lot to running a business, as we all know.

“It’s often how business owners think, though, that affects their success or otherwise more than anything.

“Negative chatter is a particular problem, both their own internal self-doubt and what other people might think about them. If they don’t master this, it can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

“Quite simply, if they imagine the worst that could happen, it often will. And if they choose to believe that a particular customer is going to spoil things, they often will.”

So, what will Sheila be talking about at September’s event?

“I want everyone who comes along to leave afterwards having learned something about themselves, and with some practical things they can act on, to improve their businesses’ prospects,” continued Sheila.

“Of course, we’ll also have some fun along the way, by trying out a few simple hypnosis techniques.”

So, with that in mind, she’ll be looking at:

  • Common mindset issues affecting business owners and how to overcome them
  • A range of exercises that attendees can learn at the event and then take away and use afterwards, to improve their positivity and focus.
  • Self-analysis exercises, to help people understand what their blockages might be, and how to overcome them.
  • Examples of techniques some of Hull’s best-known people use to achieve success.

A Hull of an inspiration

Sheila will also be sharing details from her new book. Here she describes the main messages she took away from her interviews with Hull’s famous sons and daughters.

“What I discovered, above all else, was that all successful people give back and want to help  others and the community they live in. They also have huge drive to make a difference in a given area and often become successful as a consequence of that,” she continued.

And there are a couple of very specific examples that really stick in her mind.

“I spoke to leader of Hull City Council, Councillor Stephen Brady, and his key ingredient of success was limiting the distraction caused by his mobile phone,” said Sheila. “He insists on using a really old-fashioned model of phone that can literally only make and receive calls, and send texts. It doesn’t have things like games or internet access and that means he can be confident he will only get important messages.”

She added: “Arguably the most inspirational person I interviewed, though, was Hull’s ‘Bee Lady’, 94-year-old Jean Bishop. “She’s a fantastic example of how the way we think affects our physical state.

“She told me that on the days when she’s not fundraising, and doesn’t put on her bee costume, she’s riddled with arthritis to the point where she can’t move. Yet when she puts her costume on, she has no pain at all. She’s also a living testament to the role passion plays in our level of success.

“Very few people pass her by because she goes all out to have a chat with them – commenting on things like how ‘bonny’ they look. Her great charisma is driven by the cause which is so close to her heart.

“As a result, she’s raised well over £100,000 for the Charity Age UK, and has been recognised for her efforts with the ‘Freedom of Hull’.

How to book your place

If you’d like to hear more of Sheila’s top tips for developing a positive business mindset, you can book your FREE place at our next masterclass here. This is the third in our series of masterclasses, as part of our James Legal – The Business 2017 campaign aimed at helping local businesses to grasp the amazing opportunity Hull’s status as UK City of Culture 2017 represents. To find out more about the campaign and our Business Booster competition with its prize fund of £45,000 to be shared between two stand-out regional businesses, visit our website.

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