International trade – an opportunity you can’t afford to ignore


A sneak preview of our ‘International Trade Secrets for Businesses’ masterclass

Sitting at the confluence of two major rivers and the sea.

With a ferry port offering a gateway to Europe.

You’d think the Hull and Humber region would have a thriving international trade base.

And it does.

Yet too many opportunities are being missed and we plan to do something about this!

Our forthcoming ‘International Trade Secrets for Businesses’ masterclass, on 28 March, will see Sharon Stathers and Stephan Stahl, regional international trade advisers for the Department of International Trade (DIT), explaining why this is, dispelling myths, and showcasing some of the live opportunities that exist for Yorkshire & Humber businesses, right now.

Do you own or work for a business that’s interested in exploring how to sell overseas? This event will explain:

  • Why this could be much easier than you think
  • Why it’s not just for bigger businesses
  • Which countries are particularly interested in UK goods and services, including the USA, Canada and Dubai
  • The secrets to overseas international business success
  • That exporting isn’t just for heavy industry and engineering companies
  • Exactly what steps you can take to get started abroad
  • What live opportunities exist in the marketplace for different sectors.

There will also be an opportunity to ask specific questions of Sharon and Stephan after their presentation, and seek their help with expanding your business abroad.

Don’t miss out!

Together with Sharon and Stephan, we believe there is a once-in-a-generation chance at the moment, for regional businesses to build international trade links. We’re delighted that they have kindly volunteered to speak at our 28 March masterclass, to help more of them grasp it.

“Hull is enjoying such positive international profile at the moment, there will never be another opportunity like this for local businesses to get in on the international act,” added James Legal MD and solicitor Nick Miller.

“Our masterclass will see them sharing ‘how to’ tips and case studies of successful local businesses and how they did it, as well as what’s available ‘out there’ at the moment.

“Both Sharon and Stephan have first-hand experience of international trading themselves, too – and they will be sharing this as part of their presentation.

“Our other campaign partners will also be on-hand to share their expertise in areas like PR & marketing, funding access, accountancy, business banking, business development and networking, people development and procurement.

“No matter what size or type of business you own or represent, you’re guaranteed to learn and discover options you hadn’t consider before – it’ll be a few hours very well spent!”

The masterclass, which will take place at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Hull Marina, from 8.30 until noon, is FREE to attend as part of our exciting James Legal – The Business 2017 campaign, so why not come along?

Book your ticket here.

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