Leading the way in wellbeing as a Moodbeam pioneer


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, wellbeing in business is something we take very seriously.

And we are certainly walking the walk – we are actively championing it in our Inspiring Business 2019 campaign. Becoming a Moodbeam pioneer with the intention of continuing to support our super team at James Legal, is just another progression in valuing our team.

Moodbeam is a great idea, and this was obvious to us when we first encountered it. The incredible wearable device and app is the brainchild of local entrepreneurs Christina Colmer McHugh and Jonathan Elvidge – which helps people to track their mood and creates tangible data that can be used to provide an insight into the wearer’s emotional wellbeing.

The device takes the form of a comfortable, brightly-coloured wrist-based bangle featuring two buttons, which talks to an easy-to-use app that presents information in a clear and understandable way. Pressing the buttons is all that’s required to log your feelings, and the device also tracks sleep and some physical activity.

We first got to know about the project when Jonathan gave a presentation on Moodbeam at one of our James Legal InspiringBusiness seminars, and it immediately struck a chord because it aligns so well with the things we are passionate about at James Legal. So, we’ve kept in touch since and are keen to do anything we can to support what we believe is a phenomenal invention. Christina spoke about her Moodbeam journey at our September IB19 seminar.

Groundbreaking technology

Nick Miller, Solicitor and Chief Executive of James Legal, said: “There is plenty of wearable technology that monitors physical activity, but next to nothing that supports mental health and emotional wellbeing. Moodbeam is groundbreaking, and I knew instantly I wanted James Legal to be a part of it.”

James Legal is now an official ‘Moodbeam business pioneer’, and Nick is offering all employees a free device to use to track their own moods, feelings and thoughts. Team members can choose to keep their data entirely private if they wish and use their Moodbeam as a personal tool, or they can opt to share anonymised data with the wider James Legal team.

Sharing the data in this way will allow Nick to analyse any trends and patterns that emerge among his workforce, and allow for meaningful conversations with people about how they are feeling. He added: “We already have a major focus on wellbeing here, with a flexible working policy and access to counselling. Introducing Moodbeam devices will further strengthen this approach and ensure that our mental health is always front of mind.”

A happy working environment

Solicitor at James Legal, Byron Swarbrick, said he’s looking forward to the benefits Moodbeam will bring him and the wider team. “The legal services industry is inevitably stressful, with a high workload, clients who are often under stress themselves as they are dealing with challenging situations, and big expectations. In some law firms it can be a dog eat dog, sink or swim environment,” said Byron.

“It’s not like that at James Legal. Nick really cares about the team, he wants to know how we are feeling and help us be as happy as possible in the workplace. The Moodbeam initiative is fantastic, I’m really excited about how we might all benefit from it, and it’s just great to be involved with an innovative product like this.”

Moodbeam founder Christina Colmer McHugh said: “I’d like to welcome Nick and his team as one of the pioneering local companies that are implementing Moodbeam in the workplace.

“In the past few years we have built some amazing relationships with organisations that care deeply about supporting better mental health in their industries. I’m looking forward to seeing how Moodbeam’s technology can help James Legal make a real difference.”

A real first

Moodbeam has been three years in the making, and was inspired by Christina’s experience of her daughter, then seven, being bullied. Concerned about the mood changes this cyber bullying created, she was desperate to make sure she could track her daughter’s mental wellbeing and prevent any adverse effects.

She subsequently partnered with Hull-born Gadget Shop and Red5 entrepreneur Jonathan Elvidge to develop the Moodbeam wearable device, to help other parents do the same. The project has really taken off from there, with expressions of interest from a range of potential future users in fields like industry, education and health. They have just taken delivery of their first 1,000 manufactured units and have encouraged businesses and individuals to take them away, trial them and share their experiences in order to spread the word.

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