New year, clean sweep


How prepared are you for the next decade?

That’s the question we’ll be asking at our first seminar of 2020. We’ve partnered with wealth management expert Zoe Taylor, to help attendees get their business, financial and personal ducks in a row.

Do you want to know;

  • How to stop your money and assets passing to the wrong people upon death?
  • Ways to protect your business from being affected by death, illness, greed of a business partner and lack of structure?
  • How to make the most of your money – earn more, save more, and give less to the tax man?
  • How you can plan to realistically retire at an age you desire, and make sure you achieve it.

These are just some of the topics we’ll be covering at our event aptly titled ‘Getting Your Ducks In A Row’, which will be taking place at the Village Hotel, Henry Boot Way, Hull, on 22 January 2020, from 10am to 12noon.

The event costs £5 to attend and all of the proceeds will be donated by St James’s Place to organisations such as hospices, cancer charities and children’s good causes, via its St James’s Place Charitable Foundation. St James’s Place will also match all donations pound for pound.

You will benefit from a wide range of advice on things you can do to enhance your savings, reduce tax, take control and gain peace of mind. It’s often said that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Let us help you get the most out of your business now and plan for the future ahead.

Our speakers will be James Legal’s Wills & Probate expert, Solicitor Chris Hutchinson, specialist corporate  Solicitor Byron Swarbrick and expert employment lawyer Sara Brown. Financial Planner and Wealth Management Consultant Zoe Taylor DipPFS, of St. James’s Place, will be joining us to offer her own expert knowledge as well.

Chris said: “no-one likes to think about planning for when a loved one dies or is no longer able to function, but sadly such things are a fact of life. That’s why it’s important to sit down with an expert who can look, from experience, at all the scenarios that could potentially play out, and advice on the best course of action to take, to ensure you’re in the best possible place when the time comes.”

Zoe said: “Recent events such as the introduction of the new pensions freedoms, Brexit causing investment market volatility and changes to taxation, can all bring fantastic opportunities, however most people will need expert help and guidance to make the most of them. I believe sound financial planning should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial position.

“Not only that, but there are relatively simple things people tend to put off until a ‘rainy day’, like organising life and health insurance, which really could make all the difference should the unforeseen happen, and can be arranged even more cost-effectively through their business.”

Today’s financial and business landscape is perhaps more complicated than ever before, making it even more important to seek expert help and guidance.

The start of a New Year – and a new decade – is always a good time to consider starting afresh, and our knowledgeable, friendly and approachable team of speakers will be looking to help you get 2020 off to the best possible start by planning for a more prosperous future.

For more details and to book your free, limited place, click here.

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