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Nick miller from James Legal Solicitors

Nick Miller

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Solicitor

It’s somewhat of a cliché but I assume most peoples aim in life is to be happy. So working from that simple premise, my aim is to help to get to that “happy “ point, be this business or personal (o...

Simon Young

Managing Director and Solicitor

From an early age I have always enjoyed matching my wits against people and trying to find loopholes in arguments.  This has served me well and in fact has in some ways, influenced my career decisi...

Cheryl Leaning

Cheryl Leaning

Director and Head of Residential Property

I like the buzz of helping clients acquire their ideal homes or extend their investment portfolios. I love delivering on my promises and delighting clients. I enjoy working closely with fellow prof...

Mike Stoney

Director and Senior Solicitor

The business elements of the work; don’t get me wrong I enjoy my work, but I guess its no secret that there a lot of paperwork involved and, in isolation that can be a little dry. What makes each c...

Leon Lurie


I enjoy meeting people and listening to the issues which are important to them and assisting in obtaining suitable solutions on a very practical basis which sometimes includes none legal advice. I ...

Dominic Hudson

Senior Solicitor

I have always enjoyed working with people and enjoy the variety work of I do. I am always aware that for the majority of clients I see, it is often a stressful and difficult time in their lives, an...

John Paice

Senior Solicitor

Understanding the goals of clients and ensuring that they are achieved is the most important part of the job. Rather than what keeps me ‘buzzing’ I feel that it is always best to get to know what m...

Chris Hutchinson

Chris Hutchinson

Senior Solicitor

I love one of the main philosophies of James legal; this is that we are people first, and lawyers second. I have always believed that this is the right approach; I can advise a plumber, for example...

Rachel Atkinson

Senior Solicitor

In my career, I thrive when helping clients to resolve disputes and strive to achieve the best possible outcome. My aim is to provide an efficient and supportive service to my clients. I provide cl...

Byron Swarbrick

Senior Solicitor

People - I’ve often been told I’m a people person. I love talking to clients, exploring their options and working with them to meet their goals. I always feel quietly chuffed when a client is happy...

Chris Cook


Moving house is often seen as one of the most stressful times in a person’s life and I aim to provide a personable service and guide clients through their transaction with as little stress as possi...

Nicky Mounsor

Senior Conveyancer

My career mission is to hand-hold people through the, often emotional and stressful, process of buying or selling a property in the most efficient and supportive way I can. I strongly believe in de...

Rebecca Sutton

Licensed Conveyancer

I pride myself on my structured and methodical approach when helping clients sell or buy property. I am enthusiastic and give 100% to every matter I take on as I understand the importance of ensuri...

Anna Bisby


I like to make sure I am organised and efficient, and I love ticking off all my tasks on a long to-do list. I also love the team at James Legal and the friendly environment at the firm.

Danielle Turpin

Conveyancing Paralegal

I am very organised which comes in handy in the fast moving world of residential property. I get the most satisfaction when a client’s transaction runs smoothly and we know we have provided them wi...

Charlotte Rice

Assistant to the Property Team

I like to be organised and know what my plan of action for the day is, it is a good feeling ticking a job off your to-do-list. I enjoy dealing with clients, ensuring they are kept updated throughou...

Shelley Sugden

Assistant to the Property Team

I enjoy dealing with clients and helping them achieve a smooth transaction . It is always nice being able to get to know clients on a more personal level, not just being a name or someone on the en...

Jessica Bennett

Assistant to the Property Team

I love talking to new people and learning their background stories as I find everyone an inspiration. Problem solving has also been a passion to me as I enjoy finding solutions to things. I would a...

Courtney Scott

Assistant to Nicky Mounsor

It’s my mission to ensure that our team works like a well-oiled machine so that we can provide the best and most efficient client service possible. I am effectively one of Nicky Mounsor’s right-han...

Catherine Blake

Assistant to Nicky Mounsor

.I believe that I go that “extra mile” for our clients to ensure that they have the confidence in us to keep them informed throughout the stressful process of selling and buying properties and that...

Nicola Clarkson

Nicola Clarkson

Legal Cashier

I like to make sure I work quickly and efficiently to make sure all accounts are up to date and balanced for the fee earners and also the management team. I enjoy my job all the more as I love the ...

Beth Lamplough

Beth Lamplough

Legal Cashier

I like things to be organised and in order, and I always have a plan of action or a to-do list but in the last year or so I have learnt you have to deviate sometimes and just go with the flow.

Aimee Young

Aimee Young

Administrator & Legal Assistant

I like to be very organised and always have a to-do list near by! Coming to work has been made much more enjoyable due to the colleagues I work with, it is such friendly environment and everyone wo...

Susie Gray


My passion is helping people and treating others with respect and courtesy. I always smile when I answer the telephone, to impart that I am warm, friendly and helpful.

Kelly Williams


I am friendly, helpful and approachable being the first point of contact for our clients whether it be over the phone or face to face. I believe being organised is key and if doing so with a smile...

Lydia McGuinness

Office Assistant

In the office I ensure that everything is running smoothly, this helps to make the fee earners day just that little bit easier. I love to make sure things are organised and done in a certain way as...