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Becca Bunting

What makes me tick?

Being a little on the OCD side, I enjoy organising - anything from events to people and from files to stationary cupboards.  My day at James Legal consists of making sure things are done ‘just-so’ in what is occasionally described as a robotic way (I’m not a robot I promise!).

My experience

I started at James Legal in early 2013 as an apprentice and have worked my way up to become the management team’s personal assistant.  A large part of my job involves assisting them with their day to day tasks and ensuring other members of staff are supported.  I also train new apprentices who join the firm and ensure that James Legal’s social media accounts are updated and are in keeping with our modern way of working.  I look forward to developing my skills and furthering my career at James Legal.

Outside of work

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my loved ones. I also spend a lot of my time relaxing whilst ‘keeping up’ with the Kardashians and planning for my dream holiday to Hawaii.

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