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Gary Swann

What makes me tick?

I am told that I am motivated, conscientious, and hard-working and also friendly, approachable, a good listener, and able to get along well with people from all walks of life. I always try to put people at their ease and explain legal matters in as straightforward a way as possible. I believe in being strong and supportive, and fighting hard for my clients and the most satisfying aspect of my work is to begin a case on day one with a clean sheet of paper and conclude it with a court order or a settlement in the client`s favour.

My experience

I am a graduate of Oxford University and, after I won the Herbert Willerson prize for law in 1987, I qualified as a solicitor in 1990. I was a partner for a number of years in a firm in Lincolnshire which dealt with mostly commercial agricultural and overseas matters and I have experience of a wide range of different areas of law (including for example commercial and residential property, matters affecting land such as boundaries and rights of way and estates wills and trusts) which assists me in my litigation work. Throughout my career I have dealt mostly with cases in the County Court, the High Court, and also the Court of Appeal.

Outside of work

I am interested in a number of sports including football cricket and baseball all of which I have played competitively. I am passionate about music, particularly the guitar which I still play in public, and I enjoy fell-walking and reading.

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