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Whilst we are Solicitors who understand legal issues, we are also people. Sometimes you need more than just legal advice and assistance, that's why the James Legal team have a habit of going above and beyond the call of duty.

Are we "Stuffy" lawyers?

Sorry, but we don't do "stuffy", even if we tried we cannot do "stuffy". So the simple answer is "No" we are not stuffy lawyers, we are "down to earth" real people who speak your language. We are people first, who just happen to be lawyers too, so you get professional Legal advice with a good helping of common sense, understanding and practical advice.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Would you pay income tax if you didn't have to? No? So, why do so many people pay Inheritance Tax when they don't have to?

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Family Lawyers Hull

The James Legal family team are here to support you in a range of family issues

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Residential Conveyancing Solicitors Hull

Research shows that one of the most common causes for complaint about traditional Solicitors during the house moving process is when people can't get hold of their Solicitors at the crucial time. You'll never have that problem with us. We make sure that we are around and contactable throughout and particularly at those crucial points.

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Trust Solicitors Hull

Yes, it's true that people with lots of money do tend to have more headaches when it comes to protecting money and setting up children for the future but trusts can apply to lots of different people in different situations.

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Disputes and Litigation solicitors Hull

Disputes can arise in a number of different ways. There may be disputes with your neighbour, disputes with where you bought something from or disputes involving money.

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Employment Solicitors Hull

James Legal provide a fresh approach to employment advice and assistance

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Lasting Powers of Attorney Solicitors Hull

In simple terms, a LPA is a legal document that allows a person to make decisions on behalf of another person. In the majority of cases LPA's are used when people are ill or lose mental capacity (but not always).

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Flexible payments on legal costs

Let's face it it's much easier to manage regular small payments than being hit by a bill, this applies as much to legal costs as it does to your gas bill or you car servicing invoice. James Legal provides legal advice to many clients who pay on a monthly basis in order to spread and manage cost.

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Wills Solicitors Hull

The bottom line is that nowadays we have busy lives and families are a lot more complex. Making a Will is a task we often put at the back of the queue or we just don't have (or make) the time. Some people believe that relatives can sort it out when they are gone and some people don't want to think about a Will because it may mean thinking about death.

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Probate Solicitors Hull

It is always a distressing experience when you lose a loved one. What can make the experience even more difficult is the need to deal with the various legal matters that arise. We are here to help.

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