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When it goes pear shaped!

In an ideal world business relationships flourish and develop to the mutual benefit of both parties. However it is inevitable that some business relationships break down and businesses, or the people within them, find themselves in dispute. So if you have an internal business dispute, or a dispute with an organisation or person outside your business: we are here to help.


When disputes arise, businesses risk losing control, time, money, reputation and possibly even the business itself. We all know of the potential direct cost of litigation, but distraction from your core business is often underestimated. So if a dispute arises it is important to get to grips with the issues quickly, to understand what your options are and to implement the best strategy for achieving your commercial objectives.

Attack or Defend?

Whether you are attacking or defending our Commercial Litigation Solicitors will ensure a good mixture of legal, practical, tactical and business advice to keep you on track.

Strong and supportive

If disputes arise the right support is essential. James Legal go beyond the legal and do what it takes to support you when it is needed. We have extensive experience of acting for both large and small business, in a wide range of business sectors.

Let’s talk business

Whether the dispute is pending, happened or midway through, it often helps to talk it through. Why not contact us to share a coffee with one of our team. Call it a chat over a coffee or free consultation, either way contact us for a chat.

Gary Swann

Director and Senior Solicitor

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Simon Young

Director and Solicitor

From an early age I have always enjoyed matching my wits against people and trying to find loopholes in arguments. ...

Nick Miller

Managing Director and Solicitor

It’s somewhat of a cliché but I assume most peoples aim in life is to be happy. So working from...

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