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When they say “I Am Not Paying!”

Whether the debtor simply said "I'm not paying" or whether they have buried their heads in the sand "ostrich style", an effective debt collection process is essential to keep your cash flow moving.

With many years of experience in debt collection, our debt collection team can offer effective commercial debt collection solutions for you.

We are able to provide credit control solutions and if debt collection proceedings are required, James Legal can provide debt collection services on a cost effective, fixed fees basis.

When Debt Collection Becomes Defended

All too often legitimate invoices are made the subject of spurious defences by a debtor who either simply does not have the funds or is simply trying to avoid payment. James Legal's Commercial Litigation Team can step in and deal with those spurious defences to collect the money that is rightly owed to you.

Truly Disputed

If a debt is truly disputed the case is likely to proceed through the court process. Again, it is essential to have the right team on your side who understand your business, the case, the legal issues, the practical issues and the tactical issues. James Legal's Commercial Litigation Team will guide you through the difficult litigation process.

Simon Young

Director and Solicitor

From an early age I have always enjoyed matching my wits against people and trying to find loopholes in arguments. ...

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