Legal Risk Management

Legal Risk Management is about prevention

Try Not To Fall

James Legal can be there to pick up the pieces when a problem arises; alternatively, we can work with you in order to manage your legal risks. There may be a risk because you have no Terms and Conditions of Business or your Terms and Conditions are out of date; if so, we can help you in correcting those business documents.

Similarly, on an employment footing, problems often arise where there are no employment documents in place. Again, we are more than happy to work with you to manage the legal risk by guiding you through employment problems and ensuring that your employment documentation is up to date.

On the Edge of the Cliff

James Legal would rather erect a fence at the top of the cliff to stop you falling off than picking up the pieces once you have fallen off the cliff. Why not take advantage of our free client introduction meeting and free initial advice meeting.

Nick Miller

Managing Director and Solicitor

It’s somewhat of a cliché but I assume most peoples aim in life is to be happy. So working from...

Sara Brown


I enjoy finding practical and no-nonsense solutions for clients and their businesses. I like getting to know clients and learning...

Kelly Bannister

Director, Solicitor and Head of Property

I love getting involved in new projects and developments in the local area. I enjoy helping local charities and not...

Rachael Wilson


I love the diversity in the work that I do and enjoy dealing with all manner of clients from the...

Charlotte Bontoft


I love getting to know businesses requirements and how they operate to be able to provide them with a tailored...

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