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After months of speculation, Brangelina are to split.

Angelina’s lawyers have cited ‘the health of the family’ as her reason for applying to end their 2 year marriage, following a 12 year relationship.

Twitter and Facebook are buzzing with gossip about this celebrity split. Why? Because this famously perfect couple seemed to defy the odds and represented everything we associate with the best of family life – love, fun, commitment and a rock solid focus on each other and the children.

Although most of the matrimonial issues we see here at James Legal are not on the same scale as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s in terms of profile, assets or family size, they are always fraught with upset.  This is because they involve the unravelling of shared memories, hopes and dreams.  This is why our James Legal family team approach such situations with utmost sensitivity.  We understand divorce is about much more than assets and legalities, it is about people and relationships too.

Our caring and understanding family lawyers can provide you with practical advice in a professional, personal and approachable manner at a time and place that suits you.

Your enquiry will be dealt with by a family law expert and not an untrained adviser in a call centre. We take the time to truly understand your situation, giving you advice and guidance that is right for you.

If you are facing separation or divorce, here are some practical tips that could help make the whole process a little easier for you:

Talk to each other

Communication is vital because it helps avoid painful misunderstandings.

Show a united front to the children

Children need to understand that they are not to blame for the breakdown in the marriage. Focusing on making them feel secure will also help you work together positively and establish an effective partnership for ongoing childcare.

Tackle financial matters at an early stage

Do not try to hide assets. While this might seem tempting, it is always discovered further down the line, and only results in higher legal costs, stress levels and a further deterioration of the relationship.

Get good legal advice

A good lawyer will always provide you with honest advice, keep legal costs down, if possible, and guide you through the whole process without using unnecessary legal jargon.

If you feel your relationship has broken down and you don’t know where to turn, then come and have a chat with either Sarah or Debbie in our family department for a free, initial conversation to discuss your options.

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