You can find us in Beverley now, too


We’re delighted to say that we now have a second office base in Beverley.

And the five members of our team pictured here (l-r Sarah Wasling, Gary Swann, Kelly Bannister, Chris Hutchinson and Simon Young) will be available there on a regular basis, to advise you on legal matters from business contracts and disputes to commercial property, Wills and probate and family matters.

As a result of our fresh approach to dealing with legal issues, we’ve seen another unprecedented growth spurt during 2017, as well as increasing our team tenfold since we first set up the business in 2009.

So we’re now preparing to make another step-change, starting with the new office on Beverley’s Lairgate, where we’ll be operating out of the same premises as our sister company James Financial.

Simon Young, one of our solicitors, also lives in Beverley and is leading our expansion into the town.

He said: “We already work with a number of clients in Beverley, including several successful local businesses, and we’re looking forward to delivering enhanced services to them, as well as extending the help we can offer to more people.”

He added: “Our fresh approach to legal advice has attracted more and more people to us  who don’t want the ‘traditional lawyer’ but favour working with a real person who doesn’t talk jargon, gets them and their business and wants to walk the journey with them.”

Just one of our exciting plans

Our new Beverley office is just the first step in our plans to expand our reach even further over the next 12-18 months. These also include recruiting at least four new people into our talented team; expanding into new client areas and opening up our training area to clients and contacts, to help support their business growth.

We also plan to further develop the James Legal brand through a range of complementary businesses, just as we have with James Financial. Not only that, but we’ll be building on our range of services through multi-disciplinary partnerships, in areas from accountancy to business advice – in line with our entrepreneurial, ‘walking with you’ approach to supporting businesses.

James Legal started life in 2009, as a practice of just two solicitors, specialising in business law. We now employ 20 members of staff, including seven solicitors, five lawyers, two legal executives, a management PA and an administrative apprentice.

Our expansion also recently led to us taking over a second floor of Planet House, which used to house the KCFM radio station.

Our founding ethos is based on taking a fresh approach to law and being ‘people first and lawyers second’. Our Founder and MD Nick Miller is passionate about this cause, and our  mission is to help change some of the less positive perceptions of the legal industry. Nick believes it is these beliefs that have contributed to our success.

He said: “We want to be different within the legal industry. We believe that if our clients are happy and members of our team are happy, then the financial figures look after themselves. We want to create something special.

“I get a huge kick out of giving my team the opportunity to be the best they can be and seeing them deliver great things for our clients.”

Legals – with a difference

Ways in which James Legal aims to be different include offering direct access to members of our legal team, by email and mobile phone; our approachability; the human touch and talking plain English; as well as transparency over fees and a staunch belief in doing what is in our clients’ best interests – even if this is to advise them against taking legal action. We also have a flexible working culture, which works well for both our team and our clients, who often need to speak to their lawyer outside of normal office hours.

Continuing to specialise in business law, we also pride ourselves on offering a full range of support to our clients – with expertise in all aspects of business development as well as law. At the same time, our proactive and respected family and personal law team complement our commercial specialism, by helping with matters from divorce and separation – to Wills and probate.

Nick added: “We’re at another turning point in our business. Our fastest growth has happened in the past two years.

“We’ve had opportunities in the past to grow faster through methods like acquisition, but we turned them down to date because it’s important to us that we expand organically and keep true to our founding ethos, which is all about our commitment to doing law differently.

“It’s also important to us that we take on the right people, who will champion that ethos. Our driving force is to be the best, not the biggest – offering the most appropriate, caring advice to our clients. We are always looking for good lawyers at all levels who want to be given the freedom to be the best they can be.

“We also believe in encouraging and enabling our people to develop their potential. As a result, our success is down to our whole team and something they can all be proud of. I see James Legal as ‘our business’, not ‘my business’ and members of our team are encouraged to contribute their ideas to our future direction.”

And Nick concluded: “For us, though important for our strength as a business, success isn’t defined solely by financials, it’s all about the clients we have and keeping them happy by achieving good outcomes for them. It’s also about the morale and enthusiasm of the people within our business.

“We’ve had a great deal of success with local businesses and created a really viable go-to brand and, after a period of consolidation, we’re now at a point where our growth will take its next natural step.”

If you’re a business owner or individual who could do with our help, at either our new Beverley office or our Hull one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via or (01482) 225566

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