About Us

Breaking the mould with a fresh approach to legal advice

We believe it’s important to receive the right advice
in an understanding & supportive way.

Legal assistance is often needed on major life events, when issues occur or problems arise.

Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Nick Miller and Managing Director Simon Young, our team always act as people first and lawyers second.

We want what’s best for you and we’re here to support and work with you throughout.

We’re plain-speaking Solicitors, who talk your language.

Whether you come to us for business or personal reasons, you will receive clear advice and complete support – delivered in a way that’s easy to understand and focused on your best interests

Ready to Talk?

Free initial chat
and working with you

When you’ve got an issue that needs resolving, you don’t want to worry about legal costs or being kept in the dark. Just get in touch.

We offer a free ‘getting to know you’ meeting, where we listen to what you need, discuss the options open to you. In some cases that all you may need, but if you need more assistance we can let you know what it might cost.

Some law firms call it a consultation. Some refer to it as a Case assessment. Whatever you prefer to call it, let’s chat and discuss your issue. If we can help, we will. If we can’t, we’ll try to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Ready to Talk?

“Problems” often stand in the way of happiness so helping sort out problems is key in not only finding “happy” ...

...but it also helps businesses, and the people within them, to get the best out of their business such that they will grow and prosper.

Nick Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Discover why we don't talk in jargon - and we don't charge a fortune.

Working odd hours and being different

If you get a call in the evening or an email at the weekend for us, it’s not unusual because some of us work odd hours to suit our clients’ needs

We don’t really have strict office hours either. Because we know the traditional 9 to 5 does not suit everyone.

We might not be “suited and booted” all the time, so be prepared for some casual clothes, but rest assure our approach to the work certainly not casual.

We are open and honest and if you don’t need legal help, we will be happy to tell you. We are not in the habit of selling you something you don’t need.

Work with us to get the best outcomes for you and your business.

A fresh client-focused service from proactive lawyers with all the knowledge you need for a stress-free and no-nonsense experience.

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Our people are our super power

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