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Family issues can be upsetting and stressful. Let’s help you find a solution and stand your corner. Supportive and Strong.

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Divorce, Separation, Child Access, Finances, Property Ownership, Who’s entitled to what?. We can guide you through it all.

No matter what issues you’re facing, our Family Solicitors can support and help to minimise stress at this sensitive time.

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Family Solicitors Hull FAQs

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How can your divorce solicitors help me?

Unfortunately, many marriages and civil partnerships now end in divorce or dissolution. Although most splits involve matrimonial assets which need to be divided, the divorce procedure itself is generally uncontested.

Our divorce solicitors offer a competitive, fixed-fee service, providing practical advice whilst you are going through the divorce process. We will assist you with all of the necessary paper work ensuring this is completed accurately and in a timely manner.

Can your divorce solicitors assist with our matrimonial finances?

Who will get what? What am I entitled to? Am I entitled to a share of my spouses pension?

These are all questions we are used to answering. Whether there is a matrimonial home, shared bank accounts or pensions that need to be sorted out, our primary aim is to achieve the best outcome for you following your divorce.

Can you help with a cohabitee separation?

Separation can be an extremely difficult time in people’s lives. Our family team take an empathetic approach, whilst always working hard to fight your corner.

Despite the path for separating cohabiting couples being less clear than that of divorcing couples, we can help you understand what you may be entitled to and the options available to you. Wherever possible, we can assist you in trying to reach a fair settlement outside of the courtroom. 

Can your family lawyers help me with child contact?

We all want what is in the best interests of our children. That being said, it is often the case that arrangements for children cannot be agreed. Our family lawyers can assist in such circumstances. 

Whether your matter relates to who your children lives with and where, or how often you spend time with your child, we can support you in trying to resolve such issues.

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Nicky Mounsor

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Chris Cook


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Rebecca Sutton

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Yasmin Palmer

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Dominic Hudson

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Dominic Hudson

Client Controlled Budgets

Apart from the stress and general uncertainty that often goes with disputes and litigation, people often worry about legal costs. Legal costs can often run away as a case takes longer, becomes more complex or the other party becomes super unreasonable.

We manage legal costs by putting you in control.

  • Set agreed budgets for initial work
  • Set budget for each phase of work
  • Pay as you go
  • Not exceeding budget without your agreement
  • Putting you in control
  • Easy payment methods
  • Transparency on costs