Employment Advice

Find the solution to any workplace conflict and let us fight your corner.

No-one wants to be involved in disputes at work. But sometimes they arise and are so serious that you need legal advice to resolve the problem.

Your employer might not be helping. Your colleagues may not be listening. But that does not mean a solution cannot be found.

Whether you have an issue with your employer or a colleague, we can assist and try to help. We can try to mediate but, if necessary, we can also commence Employment Tribunal proceedings on your behalf.

Employment Stuff we help with;

  • Discrimination on grounds of sex, race, disability etc as covered by the Equality Act
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • And much more 

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We Break
the Mould

Employment disputes can be stressful, time consuming and costly.

We are aware of these factors, so we target our efforts to supporting you, taking some of the burden and keeping you fully informed on costs.

Very often such disputes evolve and change as then go, our aim is to make sure you are aware of the full picture and can make informed decisions.

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Employment Solicitors FAQs

Ready to Talk?

What sort of disputes and claims do you handle?

When it comes to employment advice and assistance, we offer a wide range of services, including expertise in:

  • unfair dismissal,
  • wrongful dismissal,
  • unpaid wages,
  • equal pay disputes,
  • disciplinary and grievance issues,
  • discrimination,
  • confidentiality and post-termination restrictions,
  • Settlement Agreements,
  • working time and time off.

How do you deal with Unfair Dismissal?

Have you been dismissed and you feel it is unfair? Has your employer dismissed you for a reason which you think is wrong? Have they dismissed you in a way which is procedurally unfair? If you have been employed for over 2, years and feel that your dismissal has been unfair, we may be able to help and offer legal advice.

What if I think I have been discriminated against?

Discrimination is sadly more common than we would all wish. Do you feel that you have been subjected to discrimination in the workplace? Discrimination usually occurs on the grounds of:

  • age,
  • disability,
  • gender reassignment,
  • marriage and civil partnership,
  • pregnancy and maternity,
  • race,
  • religion or belief,
  • sex, and
  • sexual orientation.

If you feel that you have been discriminated in any way, by having been dismissed or being treated less favourably, please give us a call to discuss your case in more detail.

Can you help me to resolve a grievance?

Do you have a problem at work? Do you feel that your employer is not listening? If you have a grievance or require assistance in raising a grievance with your employer, we will be happy to assist you, either by dealing with your grievance or guiding you through the grievance procedure.

Can you help with redundancy issues?

Are you about to be made redundant? Are you at risk of redundancy? Or have just been made redundant? If you have concerns about your redundancy and feel that you have been unfairly selected or something is not quite right about the redundancy procedure, give us a call to discuss the issue.

Can you check a Settlement Agreement?

Whilst these are quite common it’s important to know what you’re signing and its affect. Are you getting what you are entitled to? Do you have a claim worth more than is being offered? Should you sign the agreement or pursue a claim? Have you reached an amicable agreement with your employer?

If you have been given a Settlement Agreement to sign, it often needs to be dealt with quickly. We are very used to acting fast and issuing advice so that you can make an informed decision.

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Client Controlled Budgets

Apart from the stress and general uncertainty that often goes with disputes and litigation, people often worry about legal costs. Legal costs can often run away as a case takes longer, becomes more complex or the other party becomes super unreasonable.

We manage legal costs by putting you in control.

  • Set agreed budgets for initial work
  • Set budget for each phase of work
  • Pay as you go
  • Not exceeding budget without your agreement
  • Putting you in control
  • Easy payment methods
  • Transparency on costs