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Simon Young

What makes me tick?

From an early age I have always enjoyed matching my wits against people and trying to find loopholes in arguments.  This has served me well and in fact has in some ways, influenced my career decisions which have, ultimately, led me into becoming a lawyer in the James Legal litigation department.

I am a highly motivated, competitive and determined individual and I aim to always get the best possible outcome for my client.   I strive to differentiate myself from other lawyers by giving client’s practical, no-nonsense, down to earth advice based on real-life experience - not just a solution out of a legal text book – and this alternative outlook can often give my clients the competitive edge in disputes.

My experience

I started my legal career as the assistant to a Partner in a large local firm which gave me early exposure to high value and complex litigation matters. Using this vital experience I then progressed to handling my own mutli-track caseload before leaving to join James Legal. Since joining James Legal, I have continued to develop professionally and I strive to put my knowledge and experience to good use for the benefits of my clients.

Outside of work

I am a keen footballer and play 5-a-side in a local league on a Wednesday night.  I am also an avid Manchester United fan and still harbour hopes of playing for them!

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