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Landlord and Tenant FAQs

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How long does it take to get a case through the Court?

We would estimate that it usually take between 4-6 weeks to complete the court application process. This can vary depending on the court and the time of the year. This is why our advice would always be to act quickly, as it may take 2-3 months to fully resolve your issue.

Can I recover the rental arrears that I am owed?

If you were to serve a section 8 notice, and then proceed to the court under this ground, the application would include a request for a judgment of the arrears. If however you were progressing with a section 21 notice, arrears are not something that can be claimed for.

Do I need to get an up-to-date gas safety certificate before I serve a section 21?

Yes, this is a vital part of the section 21 process. An up-to-date gas safety certificate must be in place on the say that you serve a section 21 notice, failing which the notice will be invalid.

What if a deposit was taken on the property, but not protected?

The landlord can face a fine of up to 3 times the value of the deposit. In addition, the section 21 process cannot be used to regain possession of the property until the deposit issues is resolved.

Should I try and agree a payment plan with a tenant?

In theory this is always a point to consider. However, our advice would be to discuss your options in relation to serving a notice, following which you can then discuss the options with the tenant before you take court action. The service of the notice will give a landlord multiple options on how to handle the situation. If a notice is not served, or advice is not sought quickly, landlords will suffer loss and damage that can often drag on for many months. We would always suggest getting advice straight away, and get your hands around the issues as quickly as possible.

What can I do if the tenant has left the property and caused damage?

A claim can be brought against the tenant for a breach of the tenancy agreement. For a claim to be successful, you will need to know where the tenant now lives, and you must be satisfied that you can fully evidence the loss and damage that has been caused.

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