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Nick Miller

What makes me tick?

It’s somewhat of a cliché but I assume most peoples aim in life is to be happy. So working from that simple premise, my aim is to help to get to that “happy “ point, be this business or personal (often they are intertwined of course). “Problems” often stand in the way of happiness,  so helping sort out problems is key in not only finding “happy” but it also helps businesses, and the people within them, to get the best out of their business such that they will grow and prosper.

My experience

I started working in a solicitor’s office in 1991. I worked my way up the so called ladder over the years to become an equity partner in another respected local law firm, with whom I worked for nearly 20 years. I have touched on most areas of legal business throughout my time, but gravitated to all things business related, particularly litigation and disputes (sorting out problems !). In the last 10 years I have had business interests outside of the legal sector which has enabled me to gain a wider perspective on what a business really needs. Driven by a desire to provide a great “non-traditional” service, which breaks the mould of the negative legal stereotype, I set up James Legal in early 2009. Since then the team and I have grown to become the legal firm with “ a fresh Approach” who does the right thing for its clients.

Outside of work

Outside of work, I do more work with other businesses. When not working I am keen to spend time with my son Ben who provides me with so much joy and happiness. When not running Ben to and from various activities, I make time for Karate (I am not as flexible as I once was so Ben does it much better than me). The gym also takes up a bit of time and if the weather is not too bad I offer to walk our dog Mack, but happy to leave it to my wife Debi if the weather is not too good.  When I get the time, which is rare I also enjoy art, photography and a little motor sport.

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