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Employment & HR FAQs

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Do you deal with Employment Disputes & Conflict?

There are times when the needs of the business will conflict with those of individual employees or workers, and that this can lead to disputes. These disputes can have a serious effect on the running of your business. When these situations arise, we are here to work with you to resolve conflict in the most straightforward, business-like and cost-efficient way.

What if my employment documents are not up to scratch?

Prevention is usually better than the cure. Having the right Employment Documents in place will reduce the risk of disputes and make sure your employment practices are based on a firm foundation. If you need help to get your employment documents in order, we can draft them from scratch or audit your existing documents.

What type of employment documents do you draft?

You name it, we do it. Contracts of Employment, Staff Handbooks, Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures, Policies and Procedures, Consultancy Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Directors Service Contracts, Letters and HR documents, Free Employment Documents Audit & more!

How can you help me to be compliant?

It is important to make sure all of your employment documentation is up to date and compliant with current legislation.

We offer a free employment health check of your employment contracts, internal procedures, policies, employee handbook etc. If the audit shows you need to update your documentation, we will provide a fixed-price quote for the necessary corrective legal work.

Can you arrange Employment Protection Insurance?

If required, we can provide access to employment protection insurance policies and can arrange cover for a wide range of scenarios - including compensation, opponents legal costs and your own costs. Tell us what you need and we will tailor these to suit the needs of your business.

Can you provide any ongoing training?

We can tailor employment training and seminars to your individual business needs. Keep up to date with changes, expand your knowledge or take the opportunity to ask questions. We will be happy to conduct the training at our office or yours, with a large or small group. The choice is yours.

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Client Controlled Budgets

Apart from the stress and general uncertainty that often goes with disputes and litigation, people often worry about legal costs. Legal costs can often run away as a case takes longer, becomes more complex or the other party becomes super unreasonable.

We manage legal costs by putting you in control.

  • Set agreed budgets for initial work
  • Set budget for each phase of work
  • Pay as you go
  • Not exceeding budget without your agreement
  • Putting you in control
  • Easy payment methods
  • Transparency on costs