SRA Transparency


Regulation and Transparency

James Legal is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (often referred to as the SRA) (Hull Office SRA No. 510398) (Beverley Office SRA No. 664876). We have always been transparent and clear with our pricing but in addition to that we are required, by the SRA, to provide a certain level of transparency on pricing for a range of legal services offered by the firm. We have set out below the information required by the SRA under their transparency rules.

Important to note

Each matter, case or transaction can be different, we have provided generic pricing information, but we would highly recommend speaker to one of our expert legal team before proceeding. Our experts will be able to discuss with you your particular requirements and provide you with a full detailed breakdown of legal costs, a clear scope of work all of which will be set out in a Proposal, Order and Scope of Work.

Litigation for Business

Under the SRA rules we are required to provide pricing information for Debt Recovery up to £100,000.

Our legal costs in this area are based on our hourly charging rates. As mentioned in our FAQs on pricing, we record the time we spend on your case of transaction and this is used for the basis of quotes and charges.

Legal work in the Litigation / Dispute Resolution team is carried out by either Directors, Solicitors, Legal Executives, Paralegals or Trainees.

The list below shows our present hourly charging rates for the individuals in the litigation team.

Name Position Hourly Rate (excluding VAT)
Nick Miller Director £250
Simon Young Director £200
Byron Swarbrick Senior Solicitor £200
Anna Bisby Paralegal £125

We look forward to receiving your enquiry, which will enable us to provide a detailed estimate including costs, disbursements, VAT rates, timescales and key stages.

Employment for business and individuals

Under the SRA rules we are required to provide pricing information for employment tribunal claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal.

Our pricing for employment work is calculated and charges the same whether we are acting for an individual or a business, and employee and employers.

In contentious employment cases it is important to note that in legal costs cannot be recovered from the other side even if you win. Unlike in some courts when costs can be sought (in whole or part) from the losing party. This means that in employment cases careful consideration needs to be given if and how far a claim is progressed as, depending on the value of the claim, legal costs could outweigh the claim.

Cases in the Employment Tribunal may be straightforward, the may be complex or they may just go on for a long period of time. As such legal costs can be very different from one case to the next, based on those and other similar factors

The list below shows our present hourly charging rates for the individuals in the litigation team.

Name Position Hourly Rate (excluding VAT)
Nick Miller Director £250
Simon Young Director £200
Byron Swarbrick Senior Solicitor £200
Anna Bisby Paralegal £125


Under the SRA rules we are required to provide pricing information for Probate matters.

We offer a wide range of probate services starting with a fixed fee Grant only application where we obtain a Grant of Probate based on information provided by you. Unless there are unusual complications, we charge the sum of £760 plus VAT and disbursements (Court Fees and copy Grant fees) of £165.50 to obtain a Grant of Probate (where there is a will)  or a Grant of Letters of Administration (where there is no will) and where there is no inheritance tax payable.

Unless there are unusual complications, we charge £960 plus VAT and disbursements (Court Fees and copy Grant fees) of £165.50 where there will be no inheritance tax payable only because the Estate can claim the Residence Nil Rate band

We do not assist clients to obtain a Grant only where there will be inheritance tax payable. This is because of the need to involve the HMRC. We do assist clients to obtain the Grant if we are instructed to administer the estate as well.

Probate administration

Although an estimate is always given for a matter on an individual basis, minimum fees for administration are usually between £2,500 and £4,500 plus VAT in respect of our professional charges, plus disbursements.

The usual disbursements amount to £165.50 in respect of the Court Fee for issuing a Grant of Probate and the Office Copies of the Grants obtained. The other usual disbursement is for the Trustee Act advertising, which protects the personal representatives, and which varies depending on the particular requirements and location.

The estimate will be significantly higher if the estate attracts inheritance tax, there are a number of properties to sell or other complexities, or where we have additional work to do because   we are the appointed Executors. We consider all such matters on a case-by-case basis and submit a Proposal to our clients to consider before they commit to instructing us.

On gross estates that exceed £500,000, our costs would not usually exceed 1.5% of the value of the gross estate , but this depends on the nature and extent of the assets in the estate,  whether Trust and Estate tax returns are likely to have to be submitted to the HMRC in respect of income of the estate during the administration period, and the complexity.

Our hourly charging rate for administering an estate are

Name Position Hourly Rate (excluding VAT)
Chris Hutchinson Senior Solicitor £200
Aimee Young Legal Assistant £125

The above prices do not include the following:

  • Payment of Inheritance Tax
  • Conveyancing of Estate Properties
  • Completion of Income Tax Returns
  • Financial Advice
  • Deeds of Variation
  • Valuations of properties and other assets for probate purposes or otherwise

Residential Conveyancing

Under the SRA rules we are required to provide pricing information for Conveyancing transactions.

Our prices for conveyancing work are fixed fees.

  • For a property purchase prices start from £ 695 plus VAT and disbursements.
  • For a property sales prices start from £ 550 plus VAT and disbursements.
  • For a property remortgage prices start from £495 plus VAT and disbursements

Prices shown above are our starting from prices and do not include disbursements or any other parties fees. Please note that prices vary based on many factors including (but not limited to):

  • the value of the property,
  • whether it is a new build,
  • whether it is leasehold or freehold, the speed of the transaction,
  • if it is acquired by a business,
  • other complexities on the title and so on.

Disbursements will also be payable.

  • Sale – The usual disbursements on a sale will be £54. This is inclusive of VAT and includes a copy of your title, telegraphic transfer fee, copying and postage charges and electronic identification fees.
  • Purchase – The usual disbursements on a purchase are a minimum of £290.00 (this excludes stamp duty). This is inclusive of VAT and includes a full search pack (local authority search, water & drainage search and environmental search), chancel liability indemnity insurance, final land registry searches, land registration fee, bank telegraphic transfer fee, copying, and electronic identification fees.

To obtain a personal detailed quote for your particular transaction please contact our property team on 01482 225566 who will be more than happy to assist you.

Name Position Hourly Rate (excluding VAT)
Cheryl Leaning Director £225
Nicky Mounsor Senior Conveyancing Executive £175
John Paice Senior Solicitor £200
Chris Cook Senior £150
Rebecca Sutton Licensed Conveyancer £150
Danielle Turpin Conveyancing Executive £100

The land registration fee increases with the value of the property and the land registry fee used to calculate the average disbursement figure above was £40.00. This is the fee payable for a property up to the value of £100,000.00.

The stamp duty payable on a property varies depending on numerous factors, including:

  • If you are a first-time buyer
  • If you are purchasing a second property
  • If you are purchasing in a company name

To give you an accurate indication of the stamp duty payable we would need to assess all of the facts relating to the purchase of the Property.

Document Copy Costs

To cover some of our costs associated with document copying we charge on a pay as you go basis for photocopying cost and the like. Details of the prevailing rate can be found in our terms and conditions of business.

For the avoidance of doubt we are registered for VAT, our VAT Registration number is 970 9396 74. This means all of our prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing relevant rate.