Business Improvement Advice

Practical independent advice that’s proven to improve your business.

Running a business is not always easy. Sometimes you need a sounding board to bounce ideas around. Or you might need help to make a difficult decision.

Although our primary service is to act as your solicitor, we also go one step further because we are passionate about helping our clients to grow.

Work in partnership with us, set ambitious targets and break the journey to success down into actionable objectives.

Start working towards your goals, call 01482 225566 and chat to our Business Improvement Solicitors in Hull & Beverley.

We Break
the Mould

Always be up to date with every development

Relax. We don’t hide behind a reception. We don’t do uncommunicative. We do warm and personal.

When you need a straight answer or update that’s easy to understand, just get in touch.

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A fresh approach with a with a large dose of common sense.

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Business Improvement Advice FAQs

Ready to Talk?

You’re just a lawyer, how can you help me?

Our business improvement advisors are not just lawyers. Yes, some come from a legal background but others come from industry – giving the perfect balance in skills and knowledge to assist any business.

By understanding your business model, and what you want to get out of your business, we can advise you and your senior team about how to create an actionable business plan.

How can you guarantee confidentiality?

As a legal business, we understand the importance of client confidentiality, which is vital to the integrity of our success.

Nothing we do or advise you about will ever be communicated to anyone else, unless you want us to, and the service is delivered with the utmost discretion.

Listen to our Business Improvement Advice expert

Rachel Atkinson

Rachel Atkinson

Senior Solicitor

What makes me tick? In my career, I thrive when helping clients to resolve disputes and strive…

Lily Simpkin

Lily Simpkin


What makes me tick? I am an extremely smiley, approachable individual who thrives most when I am…

Charlotte Rice

Charlotte Rice

Assistant to the Property Team

What makes me tick? I like to be organised and know what my plan of action for…

Our Business Improvement Advice Team

Nick Miller

Nick Miller

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Solicitor

Nick Miller

Client Controlled Budgets

Apart from the stress and general uncertainty that often goes with disputes and litigation, people often worry about legal costs. Legal costs can often run away as a case takes longer, becomes more complex or the other party becomes super unreasonable.

We manage legal costs by putting you in control.

  • Set agreed budgets for initial work
  • Set budget for each phase of work
  • Pay as you go
  • Not exceeding budget without your agreement
  • Putting you in control
  • Easy payment methods
  • Transparency on costs