Free Initial Consultation

Whether you want to talk business or personal matters, we offer a free initial consultation.

By offering a free consultation, this enables you to gain a little bit of initial advice and get an idea of what needs to be done and, if anything does need to be done, the cost. Don’t avoid taking legal action when it’s most needed, please just take advantage of the free initial consultation whether business or personal.

Fixed Fees

Contrary to the “traditional” solicitor charging model we believe that legal costs can be fixed. It’s important to know what something is going to cost, and legal fees are no exception. Let’s face it, “would you agree to buy something without knowing the price?”. The answer has got to be no! We have a range of fixed fees on a whole range of legal services, that way our clients know exactly where they stand and can make an informed decision.

We offer not only standard fixed fees on legal work but also tailored fixed fees for your particular needs. If the work you need doing does not fit our standard fixed fees we will happily agree a fixed fee with you for the piece of work you need assistance on. You will know exactly what work will be done for you and the precise cost.

Mix our fixed legal fees with our free initial meetings and you will soon see how James Legal are making access to expert legal advice easier and more cost-effective than ever.


As defined by the dictionary “transparent” is: “easy to see through, understand, or recognize; obvious, candid”

Being transparent with legal costs is a key part of our business.

Problems need solutions!

It may be that the initial consultation will give you all the help you need, if not we can give you a clear idea of what is needed and how much it might cost.

Free for Business

James Legal encourages businesses to take advantage of our offer of a free initial meeting, chat, discussion or whatever you would like to call it! An initial meeting will allow us to get to know one another with a view to building up a longer term relationship. We are here to help not only when things go wrong, but more importantly, when things are going right. The James Legal team provide subtle guidance and backing from both a legal and business perspective.

Free for You

Sometimes “it’s good to talk”, as one very well known telecoms giant said. We offer a free consultation, chat, discussion or whatever you want to call it (this may be over the phone, by email or if necessary, in person). Here at James Legal you will find people who listen, understand and help, whatever your legal need may be. It may be that you that you need advice on family law, you may be going through problems at work, you may have decided you need a Will or you might just have decided to buy or sell a house. Whether it’s any of these or one of the other individual services we offer, we are sure you will find us approachable and, dare we say it, quite normal.

Pop in for a drink and a chat

If you would like us to call you back to arrange a meeting or discuss how we may help you, whether this be business or personal, simply complete the below form and we will be in touch.

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