What Will It Cost?

Don’t let concern over Legal Costs deter you from taking much needed legal advice and assistance.

We offer a fresh approach to Legal Costs.

  • Our Initial meeting or chat with you will be free, and;
  • We will discuss what work may need to be done and how much it will cost, and;
  • We will provide you with a Fixed Fee quote or Client Controlled Budget

Mix our fixed legal fees with our free initial consultations and you will soon see how James Legal is making access to expert legal advice easier and more cost-effective than ever.

Being transparent with Legal Costs is a key part of our business.

Legal Costs, led by you

James Legal believes that the old-fashioned model of Solicitors’ charges does not always sit well with the modern sophisticated legal services customer. That’s why we simply asked our clients what they wanted, and then gave them exactly what they wanted.

Our clients wanted clear pricing, fixed Legal Costs, flexible payments and to be in control of the legal spend. That’s why we offer:

Free Initial Consultation

The initial consultation, whether that be a chat over a coffee, over email or over the phone, is free. Let’s discuss your problem or concerns. Sometimes a chat and guidance is all that is needed on other occasions we may need to step in to help you. The consultation gives you the chance to take some initial advice and guidance, whilst at the same time getting to know the strong, supportive and personable James Legal team.

Clear Legal Costs information

If you decided you would like us to carry out legal work for you: we will send you the proposal to let you know exactly what work we will carry out and give you a clear estimate of the Legal Costs.

Fixed Fees

The best way to budget and avoid surprise legal bills is to agree in advance a fixed fee for the work being done. In most instances, James Legal are able to provide a fixed price for a specific piece of legal work which we will clearly set out in writing for you. For more see fixed fees.

Client controlled budgets

We place financial control directly in your hands. We ensure that our clients don’t fall foul of Legal Costs which increase outside their expectation. Accordingly, we are keen to set agreed budget limits. This will enable you to set a financial limit in relation to the legal work done and James Legal will work within that budget limit. James Legal will not go beyond the agreed budget limit without first obtaining your approval and a revised budget limit will normally be set where appropriate.

Legal Costs updates and Monthly invoicing

Solicitors have been criticised for advising client about Legal Costs at a late stage or in some cases not at all, this can allow substantial legal bills to be beyond your control.

It’s important to us that not only do you know what the costs are likely to be, but also that you are kept up to date on you Legal Costs as your case proceeds. At James Legal Solicitors we will keep you informed of your Legal Costs on a regular basis as your case progresses.

In order to manage your legal spend and to avoid that dreaded end of case legal invoice, we are happy to invoice on a regular basis, usually monthly. This allows you to keep track of your Legal Costs spend, we benefit from good cash flow.

Monthly payments

In order to spread the cost, we are happy to arrange monthly payments with our clients to try and ease the financial burden.

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