COVID19 and Homemade Wills

COVID19 and Homemade Wills

Over the last decade, the wide availability of Will templates in the shops and online have resulted in a trend of people making their own Wills.

With the threat of COVID19 and all its potential horror, it can be tempting to avoid contacting a solicitor and using one of these kits yourself.

Unfortunately, if you do go down this homemade Will route, then you run the risk of turning an already tragic event into one that is far worse.  The reality is that due to errors in signing them off, more and more of these ‘homemade’ Wills are being contested in the Probate Registry and in many cases, they are found wanting.

Despite the temptation to make a homemade Will in these troubled times, we strongly recommend that you do not use them.

Whilst it may be seen as an extra cost in a difficult economic climate, it is sadly a well-established fact that more is spent on legal fees disputing poorly drafted Wills than is spent on having a well drafted and executed Will prepared.

Rather than risk your possessions and money going to the wrong person or being wasted on legal fees, speak to Chris Hutchinson here at James Legal.

Chris has over 30 years-experience as a solicitor and will be able to give you the correct guidance for you and your family.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you are self-isolated as we are able to offer telephone and video calls at your convenience to ensure that all your needs are met.

If you have made a ‘homemade’ Will, contact Chris Hutchinson on 01482 22 55 66 to have your Will reviewed and ensure that your family are protected and that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes.

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