Do you miss hugging your grandchildren?

Do you miss hugging your grandchildren?

During the Covid 19 pandemic hugging your loved ones has not always been possible.

Families in separate households have been denied this simple act of affection for many months and this has caused a lot of sadness.

But what if you can’t spend time with your grandchildren because of a family breakdown?  Have you fallen out with your son or daughter?  Are they preventing you from seeing the grandchildren?  What can you do?

In England and Wales grandparents do not have an automatic right to see their grandchildren.   However, it is possible to ask the court for permission to apply for a court order which allows for you to spend time with them.

The court will take in to account the relationship and connection you have with your grandchildren and will then decide what time you may spend with them and how best to keep your relationship with them close.

If you would like to discuss grandchildren contact issues, please contact Maria on 01482 699065 so that she can arrange for you to have a free initial telephone consultation with one of our family law experts, Sarah or Dom.

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