Who will it be? Unveiling our latest £20,000 prize winner

Who will it be? Unveiling our latest £20,000 prize winner

We’re delighted to announce the first seminar of InspiringBusiness2020, when we’ll be revealing which amazing Yorkshire & Humber company is to benefit from a blanket of business support worth 20 grand!

2020 will mark the fourth year of our Inspiring Business campaign, which includes four quarterly seminars each year featuring the ‘from the heart’ stories of local businesspeople of how they achieved success – including the bumps they experienced along the way.

Each year’s series culminates in a fantastic prize designed to propel one deserving regional business to the next level of their own success journey. This year, once again, we’ve been overwhelmed by the talent displayed by the many entrants and it will be no mean feat choosing one winner from among them, later this month. Their name will be unveiled at our first event of 2020, taking place at the Hallmark Hotel in North Ferriby, on Wednesday 25 March. Book your free place here.

Giving fresh ‘Hopen’

And as well as presenting the winner’s prize, James Legal Founder and CEO Nick Miller will be announcing an exciting new venture he is spearheading, aimed at encouraging greater employer awareness and support around employee wellbeing.

Called Hopen, this bold new business venture will involve working with employers across the region to help them spot the signs of everything from stress to depression and family issues among their workforces, and provide them with the tools to support them through it.

Nick and Hopen’s Mental Health Training Officer Paul Longley, who is leading Hopen’s development, are in talks with organisations including the NHS; mental health charity Mind; health and care service provider Navigo and Andy’s Manclub (which helps men overcome mental health challenges by encouraging them to open up and talk about their feelings) about potential collaborations with Hopen.

At March’s seminar, both Nick and Paul will be talking about how their own personal experiences led to them creating this timely and hugely worthwhile venture.

Nick said: “Paul and I are both personally passionate about wellbeing – and particularly mental wellbeing. That’s why we’re developing Hopen to help companies transform their wellbeing policies from tickbox exercises into a meaningful investment in their people which ultimately contributes to a happier, more productive workplace.

“While it’s early days, we’ve been overwhelmed by the reception we’ve had from the employers we’ve met with so far – and we feel we’re tapping on an open door in terms of increased recognition of how important it is for businesses to get this right.”

What is Inspiring Business?

Four years ago, at James Legal we decided we wanted to give something extra back to the Hull and Humber business community.

We’ve always believed in going that extra mile to help businesses succeed – walking the walk with them; offering sound advice on a range of topics, including law, and generally being a source of friendship and support when our clients need it most.

As a result, we have many who we’ve worked with for years, who view us as a trusted source of help, whatever the issue they might be experiencing, all delivered with a very human, personal touch.

In 2016, we decided we wanted to take that one step further, by contributing to the general vibrancy of the region’s business community, beyond our own clients. And that’s where the idea for our Inspiring Business campaign was born.

We have so far had around 1,000 people share in our events, and given away support worth over £70,000 to help three amazing local businesses take what they do to the next level.

Each presenter focuses on their personal story, including the ups and downs they’ve experienced along the way, and the lessons these have taught them. There is also a strong wellbeing theme underpinning those personal experiences, with many sharing how they had to learn the hard way how important it is to strike the right work/life balance.

Our attendees tell us they’ve taken huge inspiration from listening to these experiences, and encouragement from the fact that even the most successful businesspeople haven’t always experienced plain sailing.

Our competition business support prize is provided by James Legal in collaboration with our campaign partners Peacock Finance, cbaSadofskys, Computanet, Click Digital, The Business Culture Hull and Handelsbanken, and covers areas from corporate finance to IT support, accountancy, website and e-marketing, and networking – as well as legals. Insurance brokerage HI Commercial have come on board for the first time this year.

We hope you can join us for our first InspiringBusiness2020 event. Sign up here for your free place and a chance to meet likeminded businesses – and be inspired!

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