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Beth Lamplough

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5 words to describe me

Organised, Helpful, Polite, Assertive, Team Player

“I have 18 years customer service experience behind me which ensures I can provide the best possible service to clients and ensure they have a smooth transaction throughout.”

Beth Lamplough

Beth Lamplough

Legal Cashier

What makes me tick?

I like things to be organised and in order, and I always have a plan of action or a to-do list but in the last year or so I have learnt you have to deviate sometimes and just go with the flow.

My experience

I have 18 years customer service experience behind me with roles including a hotel receptionist, a locations officer for a debt recovery firm and a customer service advisor for a communications company, all of which have built on my communication, team work and customer service skills. After spending my first two years at James Legal as a receptionist, along with carrying out the management of the building in which we are based, I have now progressed into the accounts team, where I am currently training to be a legal cashier. Although it is a little out of my comfort zone, I am enjoying the challenge of learning new skills with the support of my colleagues.

Outside of work

I enjoy spending time with my daughter, family and friends. I have a passion for interior design, which mainly consisted of admiring other people’s homes, until recently, when I bought a ‘doer-upper’, giving me the opportunity to let my inner interior designer out.

What I do?

I specialise in the following legal and business areas:

  • Transfer of monies to clients and building society’s
  • Bank reconciliation for all James Legal’s accounts
  • Petty cash reconciliation
  • Inputting of invoices and payment by BACS
  • Preparation of wages and payment by BACS
  • All money transfers through the bank
  • VAT payments
  • All reports for staff at James Legal
  • Bill authorising and posting
  • All receipts and payments recorded on our computer system

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