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Mike Stoney

Director and Senior Solicitor

Email Me | Call Me: 01482 974 484 | Mobile: 07530 978119 | Social Media: LinkedIn

What makes me tick?

The business elements of the work; don’t get me wrong I enjoy my work, but I guess its no secret that there a lot of paperwork involved and, in isolation that can be a little dry. What makes each case interesting and unique is the business behind the work, and getting to know my clients and their business, and sharing in their success, is what makes it for me.

My experience

I started my professional career at another Hull firm where I worked between 2004 and 2011 and I completed my training contract during that time. Since then I have always worked in commercial property roles; I spent a couple of years with a firm in South Yorkshire, and more recently five years with a Lincolnshire and East Riding based firm. I have experience in dealing with all manner of commercial property transactions; from small scale high street leases of shops and offices, to sales and or leases of large units on industrial parks and shopping centres. In addition I also have experience of dealing with residential development including acting for house builders on new build developments of freehold or leasehold dwellings.

Outside of work

I am mostly about family and spending time with my wife and two girls; whether that is trips out, like to the cinema or whether that is being the taxi driver/caddy/coach/number 1 fan to the girls in their gymnastics/golf/dancing activities. In the odd bit of spare time where I do get to pick what I’m doing! I enjoy films and books and do a little bit of gaming. I do try to get involved with a few sports in order to keep at least relatively fit and so I have been known to play a bit of Football, Tennis and Cricket when the opportunity arises. I have previously played basketball, but I think its fair to say I am more a of fan than a player now! I am also quite a keen fan of the NFL and have been known to stay up half the night in order to watch the Seattle Seahawks on TV.

What I do?

  • Retail and office leases including a fair bit of experience of food retail
  • Sale and purchase of Commercial property
  • Personal pension transactions
  • Residential Development
  • Property finance work and bank secured lending

Mike Stoney in 5 words:

Friendly, Enthusiastic, Practical, Commercial, Persistent

What makes each case interesting and unique is the business behind the work

Mike Stoney
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