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Let’s face it it’s much easier to manage regular small payments than being hit by a bill, this applies as much to legal costs as it does to your gas bill or you car servicing invoice.

James Legal provides legal advice to many clients who pay on a monthly basis in order to spread and manage cost.

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Regular payments

Our flexible payment arrangement allows you access to legal advice on a range of legal issues whilst at the same time having fixed monthly expenditure. When we first meet up, which will usually be a free initial meeting, we will discuss legal costs and give you a fixed price quote or a budget limit. As part of that discussion we can explore payment arrangements, including flexible payments, the amount of those payments and their regularity. As you case progresses we will keep you updated on legal costs and if the need arises, review them.

We don’t charge interest and we are not offering credit, we are simply allowing you to pay for your legal costs over an agreed period of time. In most instances this simply means payment on a standing order or direct debit basis.

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