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As your business evolves so do its needs; what a business requires at day one is not necessarily what it may want later on in its business life.

Businesses evolve in many different ways but in very broad terms the business life cycle can be broken down into 4 main sections:

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Simon Young

Managing Director and Solicitor

I strive to differentiate myself from other lawyers by giving client’s practical, no-nonsense, down to earth advice based on real-life experience and this alternative outlook can often give my clients the competitive edge in disputes.

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Byron Swarbrick

Senior Solicitor

I love talking to clients, exploring their options and working with them to meet their goals. I always feel quietly chuffed when a client is happy we have achieved the outcomes they want.

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Starting a Business

What are the things you might be thinking about when starting a business?

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Buying a Business

Whether you are buying a business as a new-start business or as a means of growing your existing business or by way of diversification, there can be a number of elements involved.

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Established Business

An established business has many needs, depending upon the sector in which it operates.

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Selling a Business

When selling a business it is important that you know exactly what you’re selling. We will want to ensure you achieve the right value and ensure the continuity of the business that you have spent so long developing, growing and building.

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