In Dispute?

Disputes can arise in a number of different ways.

There may be disputes with your neighbour, disputes with where you bought something from or disputes involving money. It is very easy for disputes to become very bitter and acrimonious. Sometimes it can appear that there is no resolution in sight. James Legal will work with you to look at the problem, analyse the dispute and see whether or not an amicable solution can be reached. Very often it requires a third party’s intervention to look at the dispute from a practical rather than an emotional perspective. In doing so, the answer can become quite clear.

In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved amicably and court proceedings are required, the James Legal team are here to assist through that difficult process.

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Simon Young

Managing Director and Solicitor

I strive to differentiate myself from other lawyers by giving client’s practical, no-nonsense, down to earth advice based on real-life experience and this alternative outlook can often give my clients the competitive edge in disputes.

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Rachel Atkinson

Senior Solicitor

I thrive when helping clients resolve disputes. I enjoy working with clients to achieve the outcome they seek.

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