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Let’s face it there is simply no point having a great legal solution which makes no business sense at all. So whilst we are Solicitors who understand legal issues, we are also business people who understand business.

What’s good advice for one business may not be good for another.

We also want to understand your business; its business model, the market in which you operate the culture and the people. By understanding your business we can provide more rounded and helpful advice that is right for you.

Specialist Employment and HR experts

Our specialist employment law team provides clear legal advice together with practical sensible solutions. Our team covers all aspects of employment law from recruitment, policies procedures and contracts, through to representation at the Employment Tribunal.

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Commercial Litigation Solicitors Hull

In an ideal world business relationships flourish and develop to the mutual benefit of both parties. However it is inevitable that some business relationships break down and businesses, or the people within them, find themselves in dispute. So if you have an internal business dispute, or a dispute with an organisation or person outside your business: we are here to help.

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Business & Commercial Solicitors Hull

We want to gain an in depth understanding of your business. By achieving this we can provide your business with the best legal advice solution for you, rather than the "packaged" solution.

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Commercial Property Solicitors Hull

Commercial property is as much about the commercial aspect as it is about the property which is why our specialist Commercial Property Solicitors provide quality legal advice with a large helping of commercial common sense.

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Intellectual Property Solicitors Hull

Our team of experts provide quick, efficient and cost effective solutions which are aimed to knock out any competitor or would be competitor seeking to misuse your existing IP rights. Swift and decisive action is essential.

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Legal Risk Management

James Legal can be there to pick up the pieces when a problem arises; alternatively, we can work with you in order to manage your legal risks. There may be a risk because you have no Terms and Conditions of Business or your Terms and Conditions are out of date; if so, we can help you in correcting those business documents.

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Business Advice Hull

James Legal are not just Solicitors but also business people who understand the needs of business and the challenges that all businesses, whether new, growing or established. We are heavily involved in numerous businesses, having started out providing legal advice we have extended what we do to support our clients in a more rounded fashion by providing wide ranging business advice.

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Business Documents

It is important to have the correct business documentation in place. Failure to do so can result in unnecessary litigation disputes and simple business disruption.

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Investor Conveyancing Solicitors Hull

As a Property Investor, we know that it is important to move quickly and efficiently in relation to a property sale and purchase. The James Legal Property Investor Team acts for many Property Investors across the country. We understand the need to act quickly, provide feedback and provide a pro-active solution for your property investment business.

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Debt Collection Solicitors Hull

Whether the debtor simply said "I'm not paying" or whether they have buried their heads in the sand "ostrich style", an effective debt collection process is essential to keep your cash flow moving.

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Business Improvement Advice Hull

Yes we do the law thing, but we also go at least one step further! We are passionate about helping our clients, and this has led to us helping beyond just legal issues.

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Business Evolution

As your business evolves so do its needs; what a business requires at day one is not necessarily what it may want later on in its business life. Businesses evolve in many different ways but in very broad terms the Business life cycle can be broken down into 4 main sections:

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