More than just lawyers!

Yes we do the law thing, but we also go at least one step further!

We are passionate about helping our clients, and this has led to us helping beyond just legal issues.

How we help you improve your business will differ from person to person and business to business. The first stage is to understand your goals. The next step is to work with you towards those goals.

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Nick Miller

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Solicitor

“Problems” often stand in the way of happiness, so helping sort out problems is key in not only finding “happy” but it also helps businesses, and the people within them, to get the best out of their business such that they will grow and prosper.

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Lawyers and business people!

Our business improvement advisors are not just lawyers. Yes, some come from a legal background but others come from industry – giving the perfect balance in skills and knowledge to assist any business.

We have to understand your business model, your dreams and, more importantly, what it is you want out of your business before we can advise you and your senior team in order to create your plan.

What about confidentiality?

As a legal business, we understand the importance of client confidentiality. James Legal’s Business improvement Service follows in this vein by making sure our service is delivered both discreetly and confidentially.

Rest assured we know this part of the business is vital to the integrity of our success. Nothing we do or advise you on is communicated to anyone you do not want us to.

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