Team Insider – Rachael Wilson


What was your proudest career moment?

It has to be qualifying as a solicitor, really. This was something I’d dreamed of from being quite young, probably from watching Ally McBeal on the TV! I was attracted by the problem-solving and fact-finding aspects of the career

I’m also motivated by the difference we are able to make to people’s lives, and helping them to achieve their ambitions, which I now have the privilege of doing every day.

What’s your main ambition for you, and for James Legal? 

My ambition for James Legal is to continue with our expansion, particularly over to South Bank where I grew up, in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Why business law? 

It’s exciting, fast-paced and dynamic and involves high stakes – the work we do as business lawyers can make the difference between a company succeeding or failing. It’s always fantastic to see new businesses starting up and establishing new premises, and then watching them grow.

What makes James Legal different? 

James Legal is unique is so many different ways. We really focus on providing an excellent service to our clients. We’re also a modern firm, with a paperless office, and try to stay up-to-date with current technologies to provide the best and most efficient service for our clients.

As a team, we’re also all very close and get on like one big family – which not only makes this a great place to work, but also helps us to provide a more joined-up experience to them.

What was your most formative experience? 

I grew up as part of a very close family with a positive, friendly outlook on life, and I think that has coloured the way I am and the way I approach my relationships with clients.

I always to try to make them comfortable and look for positive, pragmatic solutions in everything I deal with on their behalf.

What has been your most interesting case so far?

There have been so many, I couldn’t really single out just one.

In reality, what I love about this job is the challenge of getting to grips with lots of different cases, each of which has its own unique qualities.

One legal message every business needs to hear? 

Don’t cut corners and attempt to do something yourself. We often get clients coming back to us where they have had a go at something themselves and it ends up costing twice as much.

View on business in Yorkshire & The Humber in 2017?

Vibrant and flourishing. There is so much investment in the region, and so much potential to be fulfilled.

What gets you out of bed in a morning?

Usually my 4 your old daughter shouting ‘Mummy!’ at the top of her voice.

How many years have you been practising?

I qualified in September 2008.

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

I work with all type of business ranging from sole traders on the high street to national Franchisees.

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