Team Insider – Simon Young


What was your proudest career moment?

Successfully defending a case at trial on a complex commercial litigation dispute.

What’s your main ambition for you, and for James Legal?

Personally my aim is simple, to always improve and to expand my knowledge to ensure I become the best lawyer I can possibly be. Sounds clichéd but I believe it should be everyone’s top priority to fulfil their potential (whatever that potential might be).

In relation to James Legal, the ambition, in my mind, is to grow and to evolve into a market leader in the Hull area.

Why business law?

I enjoy the confrontational side of litigation, particularly when the stakes are high. There is a tactical side to business law that you are not exposed to in civil litigation and I thrive on that.

What makes James Legal different?

I believe we are very approachable from a personal standpoint but, probably more importantly, I think we consider all angles of any client’s needs when providing advice.

This may include, as I have mentioned above, a tactical position we adopt on a case, or it may involve a simple, practical answer as opposed to just the ‘legal view’.

What was your most formative experience? 

I wouldn’t say that I have had a single experience that formed my view on this particular career path.

However, my first superior was someone who inspired in me an interest in the legal profession, and more importantly, believed I could succeed. He always pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is something that brought the very best out of me.

What has been your most interesting case so far?

Again, I wouldn’t say I have had just one. I find all commercial litigation interesting as every action is different. You need to adopt different tactics, handle your client in different ways and, importantly, handle the other side in different ways. I believe that there is a large psychological element to commercial litigation and being able to read a situation early is something that particularly interests me, as every case involves different personalities.

One legal message every business needs to hear?

Do not sit on a problem, seek advice early and quickly. This will absolutely help with any form of business dispute. Many times we have dealt with situations which, had they been dealt with earlier, could have been resolved without the need to invest vast costs and, more importantly, valuable manpower.

View on business in Yorkshire & The Humber in 2017

It’s a fantastic time for the area, I haven’t seen anything like the interest we have in Hull at the moment. Hopefully we can seize our moment in the spotlight and kick on from there. For too many years I believe Hull has taken an unfair bashing despite what we know the city can offer.

What gets you out of bed in a morning?

The desire to progress. I have always set myself goals and pushing to achieve these goals is what drives me forward. I cannot tolerate the concept of ‘plodding along’, as I feel you can stagnate if you are not looking to push yourself forwards.

How many years have you been practising?

Nine years.

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

I work mainly with medium to large sized organisations, across all sectors, as inherently these are the types of entities that embark upon complex commercial litigation.

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